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Ass cream cones, contrary to popular belief, are NOT made of sugar, spice, or anything nice. After a face-numbing round of anal sex, a heaping load of semen is deposited into the swollen, throbbing sphincter of the hungry customer. When the tank has been filled, the depositor then places an ice cream cone, sugar OR waffle, underneath the "dispenser". When the cone has been filled, he then serves it to the impatient customer in a manner deemed appropriate. A real gentleman would serve this with a napkin, as it is a very messy treat. Flavors include, but may not be limited to: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, The Neopolitan, even Chocolate Dipped...
One sunny afternoon, little Janie was at the park with her father. It was warm out, so she asked her daddy to take her to get an ice cream cone. Daddy was hungover from the night before and misheard little Janie. Memories of the Ass Cream Cone he had served mommy last night quickly surfaced. He denied her request stating that she was too young to be asking for such things...
#sex #cum #chocolate #vanilla #strawberry #the neopolitan #ice cream #ass cream #jizz #shit #sphincter #anal #anus #tank #messy #treat #daddy #semen #sugar #waffle #dispenser #st. louis soft serve #chocolate dipped ass cream cone
by THE TRUE OGER 68 June 06, 2009
Abbreviation for the phrase: Don't Forget 2 Lick My Boner.
Usually a farewell statement at the end of a conversation. Rather than saying "Goodbye!" You can Say, "Don't forget to lick my boner!" Or to further confuse the other person, it can be abbreviated to "DF2LMB"

Son: Hello?

Mom: Son, could you pick me up a loaf of bread on yer way home?

Son: Sure, mom, no problem.

Mom: Ok, son, thanks! See you soon.

Son: Yer welcome, mom. DF2LMB!

Mom: What the fu---

#don't #forget #lick #boner #farewell #goodbye
by THE TRUE OGER 68 May 30, 2009
Although there are many variations of this technique, this maneuver will involve the three basic componets:
1. A spoon
2. The semen
3. Someone to feed the spoonful of semen to
As a child, she never cared to be spoon-fed her medicine. Now that she's all grown-up, she LOVES to be spoon-fed cum...
#semen #cum #spoon #swallow #feed #jizz #load #chowder #spoon fed #the neopolitan #ass cream cone
by THE TRUE OGER 68 June 06, 2009
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