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a store with trendy and stylish clothes that run up a high price but is worth the price.whyle many buy abercrombies clothes to fit in the other buy them because they like them and can afford them but got/punk/emo groups are always dissing on this store and many other "preppy" stores when they end up paying as much for their clothes as we do for ours even though theirs are uglier!!!!
(goth)-hey where did you get your pants?
(prep)-abercrombie and fitch...
(goth)-o0o well their too expensive i wouldent pay 70$ for pants especially if they look trashed like that.
(prep)-well you have no room to talk u pay 90$ for black jeans w/ chains whats up with that?
(goth)-i wanna be different than everone elese.
(prep)-well i guess u havent seen the other 1000 people with those very same jeans then have you?
by THE PREP July 14, 2006

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