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3 definitions by THE COUNTRY BUTCHER

1. When a large group of Asian tourists-- the kind that are aloof and seem to be unaware of their surroundings and are roaming in a pack down the sidewalk--blocks the entire sidewalk, leaving you unable to move. The stoppage is usually caused by the group's collectively pointing at some mundane object, such as a McDonald's Arch or run down used book store.

2. Getting cock blocked by a fat chinese girl.
1. Today when I was walking near campus, I got great walled by a busload of chinese tourists pointing at the Asian Art Museum.

2. Dude I was totally about to bust a nut in my MAIN BITCH Jade Xiang's ass but her fucking friend "Rain" great walled me.
by THE COUNTRY BUTCHER April 01, 2009
29 1
1. That which the butcher hath used and is now done with.
2. Fucking a girl on the floor without a condom, giving her an STD, leaving her on the floor, and never talking to her again.
Dude: Man I nutted all up in that chick's pussy after I nailed her in the floor of the bathroom.

Guy: Don't you have HPV?

Dude: Yeah, but no one ever said the Butcher's Leavings are clean.
by THE COUNTRY BUTCHER October 29, 2009
8 2
1. Telling your roommate you are going to take a nap, but then going in and jerking off instead.
D: Man I'm so tired right now, I gotta take a nap. <Closes door>

Q (roommate): Bull shit man I know you are just going to take a fap nap.

D: No dude I'm really tired fuck you!
by THE COUNTRY BUTCHER February 16, 2010
22 26