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Someone that thinks they're cool or funny. One that tries to hang around with a group, thinking theyre all friends, when everyone hates him. Someone that tries adding on to jokes but just turns up as a buzzkill. Someone that everyone likes playing pranks on, but doesn't realize it and still tries to act like a friend, even after you tell him how much you hate them. and yeah, i know a few.
tool: "Sup."
anti-tool:"Dude grow a pair. You know i hate you."
tool: "Sup."

anti-tool1 eats a hamburger. or burrito. or something.
anti-tool1: "It's too juicy."
anti-tool2: "that's what she said"
everyone laughs.
tool: "It looks thick too."
everyone stops laughing.
by THE ANTI-PASTO March 02, 2008

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