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A ridiculously addictive drug. It is remarkable because it is the only drug that allows a person to get a high just from looking at it. It is also known to be one of the most visually appealing substances on the planet. It is viewable from all different angles, and debate continues on whether it is better to view TG from the back or from the front, because both offer quite a big high. TG is known to be available exclusively to men, but has been known to make excpetions when mixed with alcohol. Known side effects are being insanely happy, giddy, flustered, and in some cases an erection lasting longer than 4 hours. TG is selective as to who can use it, but rumor has it that when TG selects you, it is unlike any other feeling in the world. TG has been known to drive men crazy from the inevitable chase of it. There are different versions of TG, that slightly alter the effect. One version is not as powerful because it is covered with other materials, known commonly as the "clothed" version. The other version is raw, and commonly referred to the "naked" type. Most prefer the naked type, but TG is most commonly found "clothed". The amount of "clothing" on the TG affects how high the obersever gets. If "naked" TG is used and not just viewed, the high is unbelievable and unparalleled in this world. Users must beware that mixing TG with alcohol changes the behavior of TG, although some like the effects. Men should also beware that once viewing TG, all women lose their attractiveness from then on. Do not go near TG if you are married or dating, as it will make your partner seem repulsive.
"I can't get enough of TG, it is driving me crazy"
"TG is so incredible, I wish I could have more!"
"I have not had some TG in a long time, I need a fix!"
"I wish TG would select me, I could really use a pick-me up"

"I really love this naked TG more than the clothed version, its insane!"
by TGuser June 29, 2009
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