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When a minor goes to Las Vegas and back without their parents knowing.
Floyd: Hey mom, I'm going camping with Apollo tonight and Demetri tonight.

Eleanor (Floyd's mom): Awesome! Make sure you don't have a fire. It's been a dry season.

Floyd: There will be no fires. You can be sure of of that.

*A phone conversation ten minutes later*

Floyd: Hey Demetri. We're on for the Vegas Challenge tonight. My mom thinks we're going camping.

Demetri: Radical, man. Radical.
by TGRSHRK August 09, 2012
A combination of BAMF and Blastoise.

In the first generation Pokemon games for Gameboy, a Squirtle may be chosen as the player's first Pokemon. It will eventually evolve into a Wartortle and a Blastoise, and if one is sure that it will indeed be a BAMF when it evolves into a Blastoise, one can be presumptive and nickname Squirtle "Bamftoise" right off the bat. Nothing will physically change about the Pokemon, but all the children will think it is the coolest name in town.
Apollo: Hey yo Walter! Come battle me. My Bamftoise will wreck you.

Walter: Your what?

Apollo: My Bamftoise. He's level 100. Scared?

Walter: Yes. Let's battle.

Apollo. Ok.
by TGRSHRK August 12, 2012

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