14 definitions by TG

LAB A Group of no-hopers that assume they are the best

LaB A group of retards that collectively sit around watching their lives waste away through a computer screen

|LAB| Arrogant, Unwanted, Annoying & Disruptive.
FFS I'm a n00b from |LAB|, ignore what I say - it really means nothing anyway
by TG November 04, 2004
Jillian has one. The word itself is pretty explanatory.
Jillian has a shingle cunt!
by TG September 03, 2004
A person form the Midlands who has homosexual tendencies.
That bloke is a right DjM.
by TG August 22, 2003
The act of slapping both ass cheeks of your partner simultaneously while in the doggie style position, creating the effect of an albatross during takeoff.
Damn it, Jimmy! I can't sit down after that Albatross Session...I though we were going bird watching?
by TG July 02, 2004
A sad excuse for a human being or beings, that would be deemed pitiful, otherwise normally freakish, if it weren't for their afinity to mate with species other than their own kind.
As the yiffer was housesitting a friend's house, so the buddy can run errands, he cut a hole into the friend's teddy bear, f'd it, placed it back on the shelf and pretended that nothing happened when the friend returned.
by TG July 31, 2004
a small leprichaun male like creature whos only weakness is weed.
the boys and famo cruised to the park and reefed till there eyes poped out
by tg August 22, 2003
Internet intercourse between two or more furries.
We yiff with other "animals" online because we can't mate with our own species in real life.
by TG March 27, 2004

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