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One of the sweetest people you could ever meet...GIVE HIM A HUG! he is soo sweet and funny, and talented, he's a broadway super star.. He is high on the list of AWESOME!
S: Ollie is amazing..
J: Why?
S: Ge can sing, dance, act... I've known him since forever..
J: Awesome.. I think he likes me..
S: Kool.. Hes a great guy!
J: I know!
by TEDDY BEAR HUGGER January 19, 2012
Alderik is a fun-loving guy who doesn't always fall for the right girl.....Other than that he is AWESOME. He sOOper cute and smart {and in case you couldn't read Sooper it's super} He has it all.. He even feels like a teddy bear..All he needs now is hugs and kisses.... Give him a hug today! And if you ever get the chance to give him a kiss... KISS HIM!

And he is extremely attracted to Julia.. Well at the moment....
A: Holy Guac.. Who is that?
J: Thats Alderik... He's AWESOME!
A: Really.. I wish I knew him!
J: Yea. I know. He gave me a hug earlier and I felt like I was floating!
by TEDDY BEAR HUGGER January 19, 2012

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