2 definitions by TD and KK

slang for SMART used only by KK
TZ: my high score 4701 :-P
PePsiChiCK: u cant get that
PePsiChiCK: it goes by tens..so HAH
TZ: lol i know
TZ: i just wanted to try to piss u off
PePsiChiCK: :-P im too smertz
by TD and KK July 14, 2003
to do something you dont wany anyone else to see you do
PePsiChiCK#: sorry..i was wekkin
T* Z*: well at least you did it in the privacy of your house, no one saw u did they?
PePsiChick###: no, i made sure i was wekkin in secret
T* Z*: thats good
by TD and KK July 07, 2003

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