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A man who gets piss on the front of him when pissing, usually caused by the lack of proper shaking.
"Dude, what did you do, forget to unzip it first, you stupid dribble nut."
by TCW00dy March 16, 2004
Something that is completly impossible for you to do while you are stoned.
"Dude my back was killin me, so I took a musl-ruraxser....huh..hmm, musr-rr-raxserer, waite dude, stop laughing, you know what I mean....Musl-rr-rr-raser, dude It's Stonley Impossible for me to say musl-rer-raxer"
by TCW00dy March 16, 2004
Someone who parks there car in a handicap parking space without being handicaped is handbecapable.
"Look at that parking space right up front be the door, hell I'm Handbecapable so I can park there.
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
1. Something that looks like it should or would taste good, but tricks you and ends up tasting like shit.
2. Something that looks fun or would be cool to try, but when you do, you either get hurt or look like an ass.
1. Dude, BluRazzberry, lets try it, sptt..hugh.. it's trick poop.
2. (person 1)Hey, check this out, I'm gonna run and slide on the ice. WHOOA! AAUGH! BAM! CRASH!...ouch my colerbone. (person 2) Dude that ice was Trick Poop!
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004
1. The act of ramming your cock into an ass causing it to get stretched out.
2. My wifes name spelled backwards
1. "Your blowers cramp is still acting up, so just bend over so I can analram you."
2. "HAHAHA..honey your name spelled backwards is analraM HAHAHAUH it's stonely impossible for me to look at you without laughing.
by TCW00dy March 17, 2004

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