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2 definitions by TC Wilson

1. n. A person who engages in acts which seem to defy human and scientific logic. An individual who pushes the boundaries of their own mind and body. A modern-day Mystic. See also, Criss Angel

2. adj. Derived from "mind f**k", meaning to be spellbound or dumbfounded after being live witness to a scene where a seemingly impossible feat of will had taken place.

3. v. The act of performing seemingly superhuman feats in order to astound, enrapture and shock one's audience.
1. Criss Angel's amazing feats of 'superhuman' abilities has labeled him a MindFreak.

2. I was so mindfreaked when that guy levitated six feet in the air in the middle of the street.

3. The girl down the street mindfreaked my buddy by weaving a necklace chain through her arm.
by TC Wilson July 31, 2005
A subgroup of members of the gothic culture, who pride themselves on preening to resemble glam rock artists such as David Bowie, Blondie, and Elton John. People within this subculture tend to wear lots of shiny things, such as rhinestones, glitter and lip gloss. Extensive amounts of blush and/or eyeshadow in bright colours is also predominant.
David Bowie (1970s, posing as Ziggy Stardust)
by TC Wilson July 29, 2005