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1. A Different spelling of Strong Bad.
2. A misconstrood attempt at saying the name of any person or thing called Strong Bad.
3. As or of Stong Bah; Stong Bah-ish.
1. "Oh, SB. That must stand for Stonbg Bah."
2. "What the crap is wrong witchu? my name is STRONG BAD. Not Stong Bad. And it's most certainly not Stong Bah, as soem people have probably said. /made-up"
3. That was TOTALLY Stong Bah, wouldn't you say, Coach?
by T3h barninat3r September 21, 2003
1. one who has broguth is best boot "floward".
2. one who thinks he won the powerball.
3. the undisputed captain of the gravy train.
1. "I brought mah best boot floward!"
2. "AYAYAYAYA-I think ah won the P-owerball!
3. "I'm Homsar, the Captain of the Gravy Train! Climb aboard!"
by T3h barninat3r September 21, 2003
1. Different meaning for "everyone";comonly used by Bubs.
2. All the people in a given area.
3. A horrible misspelling of everybody, everyone, or all people. Perhaps all three joined into one.
1. "What's up, everypeoples? I'm Bubs!"
by T3h barninat3r September 21, 2003
1. Strong Bad
2. Having to do with Strong Bad.
3. What SB must stand for; See "Stong Bah".
1. "SB is fwickin' awesome."
2. "That is SO SB."
3. "SB. Oh, SB. That must stand for Stong Bah."
by T3h barninat3r September 21, 2003

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