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See: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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The Super NES was the last great of the greats. While there were other respectable consoles (Sega Master System, etc.) the SNES stands head-and-shoulders above them all. Utilizing the first real Interconsole Connectivity (a system of ideas that is still in employment today) the SNES beat down other companies with its ability to play Gameboy games with its Game-Genie-like Super Gameboy adapter.

Following up from their heritage of "Programmable Games" (excitebike, etc.), The system had Mario Paint, where hours could fall into nonexistance as you try to draw with the only mouse for a console available at the time, and for years to come.

There is so much amazingness packed into this gray-and-purple rectangle (With its own Eject button!)that its hard to see why gaming went and started to depend on graphical capabilities, but there is an explanation in the SNES itself.

Super Nintendo sowed the seeds of its own demise when Nintendo released StarFox with the SuperFX chip built into the cartridge, it was one of the first fully Three-Dimensional console titles, if not The First.
"Wanna play The Last Great Console?"

"Yeah! Pop in Secret of Mana*!"

(*Secret of Mana, one of the first realtime multiplayer RPG 's)
by T3h Ruiner August 15, 2006

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