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The Ignoble Order. An online gaming community of real life friends and a bunch of other a**holes who got picked up along the way.
Ohh man, T.I.O. totally ran a train on my mom last night.
by T.I.O. Reaper July 24, 2011
Giving a rimjob to someone with an extremely hairy a**hole.
I had to floss after I gave Ms. Goldman a Jewish Salad.
by T.I.O. Reaper July 24, 2011
Sexual position where the woman kneels over the side of a half full bath tub, placing her hands in the water on the bottom of the tub for support, and her partner takes position behind her.

For extra pleasure, a full bathtub can be used for more erotic splashing and thrashing.
Todd totally did the Gator Bait with that ho Vanessa last night.
by T.I.O. Reaper July 24, 2011

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