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A song by the Steve Miller Band. The song makes no reference to interracial relationships.
First Guy: So I just saw the Steve Miller Band sing "Jungle Love" in concert.
Second Guy: "You went back in time?!"
by T. S. Hogdahl II October 23, 2006
An old test used for studying; this lingo is used exclusive at Virginia Tech.
Student 1: Are you worried about the big test?
Student 2: Nah, I used a koofer to study...
by T. S. Hogdahl II September 18, 2006
A racial slur referring to Asians.
Wow, you did great on that math test. You must be a ting mao!
by T. S. Hogdahl II July 04, 2009
In situations in which a temporary set of rules are necessary, Rule 13 shall always be "No one shall say bad things about another person". In addition to establishing a standard level of civility, it also forces the situation to have a minimum level of structure by requiring at least 12 other rules be created.
Person A: "You're such a tool, Person B."

Person B: "Hey, Rule 13, jackass!"

Person M: "Rule 13 times two..."
by T. S. Hogdahl II September 28, 2009
An autistic canine
Dog, you're autistic. You're dogtistic!
by T. S. Hogdahl II July 06, 2009
A word used in chatrooms to break an awkward silence or disrupt a serious argument. It's usage in the latter situation is generally followed by insistentsics to shut up (STFU) or to get out (GTFO), thus achieving the usual goal of using the word by shifting the ire of the room to a singular point rather then allowing to spread.
Person 1 to Person 2: "...and then, you Nazi Commie Hippy bastard, I'll-"

Person 3: "Ishkabibel"

Persons 1 & 2 "STFU"
by T. S. Hogdahl II September 28, 2009
A clever portmanteau of "Well Done" and "Good Job" that conveys being befuddled but still wanting to congratulate quickly. Generally considered to be classier than it's inverse "Good Done".
"Hey, I just found a penny from 1932!"

"Uh, well job?"
by T. S. Hogdahl II September 28, 2009

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