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Gaiaonline is a large internet community for people from many countries to get together and "chat" about anime, shows, books, and movies.
Members create their own avatars as either a guy or a girl. Once you pick your avatar you'll start to earn "gold" by chatting or playing games. The gold can be used to either
a. Play games such as slots, fishing, and soon card games.
b. Buy "items" or "clothing" for your avatar.

Some people believe gaia is just a full of spammers and people who cyber, but they most likely have not seen the whole site. In the forums you can talk, role play, debate, and voice your opinion with other people from all over the world.

Those who call Gaia a place for spammers most likely have only seen the "chatterbox" a forum made for that reason, spamming.

The site also has a long storyline made with NPCs and recently let the members decide the fate of them.
"Were you on Gaiaonline last night?"
"Yeah, the annual ball was great!"
"Shame about Gino though..."
"Can't be helped."
by T-demon aka Kuma January 25, 2006

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