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To have sex in your car, get some cut in your ride, to hump in yo whip.

This term is said a lot in old school hip hip particularly in New York by artists or groups such as: LL Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest, and Black Moon
Man, I'm tryna pick up girl and swing an ep.

Nigga I swung an ep last nite, word life.
by T-Realla from Sacramento May 08, 2009
A girl you see from a distance that looks good but up close is hella turf.

A girl you see at the club who silhouette is bangin but up close she's ugly.
A girl wit hella body but no face.
This Term is coined by the hip hop artist Dres from Black Sheep, from the song Strobelite Honey
Man, why everytime we at da club all we see is strobelite honeys.

I thought she was bad at first, til i saw her face, she jus a stroblite honey.
by T-Realla from Sacramento May 08, 2009
A person who engages in cockblocking, and or the act of swivving.

A wacknigga or a hater with no game who can't pull hoes of his own so he resorts to cockblocking
A sneaky nigga who tries to trick or swiv on his friends.

The term comes from Dora the Explorer, a little kid show that features Swiper the Fox, who always steals from Dora
Man I was pullin these hoes last nite, til this Swiper the Fox, started tryna swiv.

That nigga tries to get at every girl I talk to, he a fuckin Swiper the Fox- ass nigga.
by T-Realla from Sacramento May 08, 2009
Throwin sand, is short for-Throwin sand in my eyes.

This term is used to describe people who tell others stories or gossip but leave out vital information in the process.
A person who has said something he/she/it shouldn't, but it is too late cover up the rest of the story

in other words...
A nigga who tries to hide info.
Man tell me what happened, quit throwin sand.

I always tell you everything, I don't never be throwin sand.
by T-Realla from Sacramento May 08, 2009
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