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Wnh truly is an all-encompassing word

Note: Originally spelled "wanh", but most commonly spelled "wnh" for purposes of faster typing

1) Yes (high pitched)
2) No (low pitched)
3) Can be substituted for nearly any syllable in a word
4) Can be translated into other languages (has the same meaning)
5) Can be a mere pig noise
1) "Do you want to go to the party tonight?"
"Wnh!" (in a high pitched squeak)

2) "Do you want to play World of Warcraft tonight?"
"Wnh!" or "Hell wnh!" (low pitched squeak)

3) "How much homewnh do you have tonight?"

4) Wñh (Spanish)

5) (Running around with arms flailing) "Wnh! Wnh! Wnh!"
by T-Brew and D-Wilk June 03, 2007

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