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One of the greatest inventions of mankind, second after the wheel.
I use YouPorn on a daily basis because this is the first website that truly delivers free porn.
by System F September 06, 2007
What people who started listening to dance music in 2011 call dance music. The rest of the world knows it as dance music, or they just refer to the various genres within it.

Now, EDM refers to the 128 BPM "big room" rage stuff from the likes of Tiesto, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Gareth Emery, etc. for which 18 year-old frat bros will gladly sacrifice their first borns to hear at music festivals while wearing a neon tank top that says "DIRTY GIRLS LIKE DIRTY BEATS" and rolling on MDMA. For some reason, it's all categorized as progressive house on Beatport.
1: Dude, I am THE biggest Above & Beyond fan EVER. They make the best EDM songs EVER. Like, "Sun & Moon" blew my mind when I was candy flipping at Ultra this year!!!
2: Yeah, it's pretty good, I kinda liked "Alone Tonight" better though.
1: What's that?
2: Kill yourself.
by system f December 10, 2013
Any song that's great to listen to while smoking pot.
I always smoke a blunt and listen to Mary Jane by Rick James; It's my smoking song.
by System F March 31, 2008

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