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A Richmond area prep school consisting of approximately 20% homosexuals, 40% mentally retarded persons, and 40% self-centered megalomaniac uber-preps whose daily routines include fixing their hair, smoking copious amounts of marijuana, and attempting to pick up St. Catherine's girls by mimicking the mannerisms of a heroin addicted gorilla. For reasons unknown even to experts, St. Chris boys have an extreme case of paranoia and believe that other schools such as the Steward School regularly crash their parties and attempt to "steal" their St. Catherine's girls. This paranoia has been linked to an epidemic that plagues the school, named St. Chris's syndrome. Symptoms of this disease include extreme mental retardation, a burning, itching desire to have sexual intercourse with other men, and an extreme cases, spontaneous combustion. However,the third symptom has never actually been witnessed. Unfortunately.
(A common conversation between two St. Chris boys)

"Hey man, I'm freakin out, dude, those Steward kids are gonna come crash the party and take all the drugs, man, and our girls, too, man."
"Oh, don't worry, you, I'm sure some of those boys are sexy! Oh I just love it when they crash our parties, it's so hot, oh yeah!"
by SwissCross January 21, 2008

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