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3 definitions by Swilly Tisher

See Ravello and die - not nearby Naples ; the place is studded with colour and cultural charm
One day all travellers to Italy will discover Ravello - and more will be the pity
by Swilly Tisher April 07, 2006
Applecross is the closest place to paradise imaginable. Go there (the North West Highlands of Scotland ) but go there quietly.The fix will last you a lifetime and you will tell all who will listen to follow in your footsteps
Applecross is the place where time stands still
by Swilly Tisher April 07, 2006
A saintly soul - usually of Celtic descent ; i.e. Scots or Irish
St Ninian , Ninian Hawick (singer) , Ninian Reid (broadcaster,writer) , Ninian Sanderson (racing car driver)Ninian Arms Park , Cardiff (football stadium)
by Swilly Tisher April 07, 2006