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Josh Homme, is the 6'4 ginger giant and the most under-rated genious of this day and age, some would even go as far as calling him the new, back to roots, ZAPPA!!! He's from Palm Desert has done Desert Sessions, is a founding member of Kyuss, Drums for the Eagles of Death Metal, is in the 5:15ER's, and is the frontman and lead guitarist of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE!!!

He is a the most original guitarist in todays music and the only person who could possibly come close to matching him would be Jack White. With a keen sense of rhythmn he combines great bluesy like licks with rigid riffs to make some of the most original music known to man. He is also very secretive about his gear, as it gives him his tone, which would be described as a warm, droning, slightly washed out, sustain filled,rock n' roll goodness.

He is also the man of Brody Dalle.
When I saw Josh Homme playin' that Ovation GP my wannabee ass just had to get one!!!

How do I get that awesome tone you ask!?

by Swifty Cumberdale July 13, 2006
Big fuzzy overused balls put into action just to get another check,cause you know after 5 kids your wifes meat wallet be droopin like a yo-yo.
Awwww son! I'm gettin me an 84 Cutlass since I got the ol' Welfare Check Makers cranked up again.
by Swifty Cumberdale December 25, 2007
Spewin everywhere like crazy. I'm talkin' spittin that jizz like Richard Simmons sucks dick, like nobodys mothafuckin business.
Harold: Wanna chill tonite Steve, just shoot the shit?

Steve: Naw, I'm busy...in 10 I'll be shootin the other shit all over Linda tonite.

Linda: Harold, son, could you take out the garbage?
by Swifty Cumberdale December 25, 2007
An expression used to portray the brutal and furious force of a niggas welfare check makers pounding on the meat wallet of a flusy broad he has just mounted. After this act the banger usually spews baby gravy in and/or all over the bangee.
RheaQue: Yo Denaje I heard you and that nappy headed street demon last night! You must been tearin' that shit up like a baby on a colorin' book!

Denaje: Damn straight, Ain't no curve in my swerve boi, I was smackin thu rocks like Fred mothafuckin' Stone Age Assed Flinstone! Sent that bitch off lookin like she'd been embalmed.
by Swifty Cumberdale December 25, 2007

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