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Ossim is an alternative word for "Awesome", it was originally used when "Awesome" was accidentally added to the censorship list permanently.
player1 - Oh shit, that's *******!!
player2 - Oh damn why have that ******* word censored! WHYYYY!!!!
player1 - Hmm, perhaps we can use "Ossim" as an alternative word for *******-- you know what I mean... to bypass that goddamned censorship?
player2 - THAT'S OSSIM IDEA!!
by Swift Fox July 25, 2009
"Blow job" in Japanese language
Japanese boy1: Oreno chinko swe (Suck my dick)!
Japanese boy2: Kounaiseikou (Blow job)?
... ...
Japanese boy1: yuuryou (excellent).
by Swift Fox August 12, 2009
A large community where endless furfag's artworks were born!
Furfag: Hai wanna chexz0rz Fur Affinity?
hawt dude: ... get out of my way.
Furfag: but why! if u liek, u can take a peek! (insert unwanted furred gay picture here)
hawt dude: Yiff in hell, furfags!
Furfag: Ur hurtin my feelin!
hawt dude: Eat your own shit! *hawt dude left*
Furfag: *plop and eat*
newbie: Yiff in hell, furfags!
by Swift Fox August 12, 2009

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