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Trumpet's are the strongest part of a musical group. Trumpets can be used in orchestras, bands, jazz bands, and other types of groups. They have a large range of notes and volume which is what makes them awesome. There are two types of trumpet players: the egotistical ones who play loudly and the shy and sweet ones who play softly. Usually trumpet players are known as egotistical and it is rare to find a shy and sweet trumpet player. Trumpets are awesome!
Trumpet player one: I played a high c in middle school.
Trumpet player two: Oh yeah well I played a high c in elementry school. I also played this piece in middle school; its so easy.
Trumpet player one: Dude i played this piece in elementry school...
by Sweetness to the extreme December 02, 2006
Someone in school who is considered dorky and may be an outcast because they work hard and focus on school. Usually these people spend their friday nights home alone watching movies on a couch because none of their friends invite them to do stuff.
The girl that I pass in the hallways everyday is smart therefore making her a Straight "A" Student. She must not have too much fun on friday nights.
by Sweetness to the extreme December 01, 2006

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