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Shortened version of Lolita or lolicon which is Japanese anime/art depicting most often a young girl or preteen. The word lolicon is the synergy of 'Lolita' (see also, book by Nabakov) and the psychological word 'Complex.' <Alternative: Could be a play on the word lollipop...>
The lolli that the anime artist drew was flat-chested and big-eyed and tiny and in her panties.
by SweetPete of San Diego May 17, 2007
An indiscriminant, slutty, poor, dirty girl who is usually self-centered and typically a flunker. She is school-aged and ranges from teenager to mid20s. She uses her cheer status to sleep around and mix it up every few days.
Mary like serially dates athletes at my school, one a week, she's such a chwhoreleader.
by SweetPete of San Diego May 17, 2007
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