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1. An adjective describing someone whose attire and attitude are both fresh and professional, both fly and ready to do work (and "do work," as it were).

Alternative spellings: profreshonal, profreshional, profresional, et al.
Look at John in that tug sport jacket, he looks so profressional!

Otis was not being very profressional when he booked his ticket with the wrong return date.

Damn legs, you are looking straight profressional in that tight black skirt.
by Sweet Lou the Rhythm Jew February 22, 2011
1. The feeling one gets when one does not receive a Facebook friend request from another party with whom they have become friendly.

Infinitive: to offriend

Noun: offriendse

Adjective: offriendsive
Why hasn't Rachel friended me on Facebook yet? I thought we really hit it off at that party the other night. To be honest, I'm really offriended.

Dave friended you but not me? I'm so offriended!

It's just offriendsive that she hasn't friended you yet.
by Sweet Lou the Rhythm Jew October 28, 2009
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