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Essentially a different term used to say "rofl," but with more internet credential than the root word. Rumored to be created by Maleak of the Corruption Clan, only dare use this word if you are open to sounding gay/nerdy. Join the revoltuion.
rfl @ Sweb. Your definitions are fail.
by Sweb The G February 25, 2009
A term used to set the line: Don't hate on the weak, because they're already weak. If your gonna make a rival for yourself, you gotta aim high or at least eye level. Syndicate is a gang on the streets of Bev. Hills where emo kids who play runescape join because their parents don't love them. See Lukas.
Dont Hate On Syndicate, they already got enough problems.
by Sweb The G February 27, 2009

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