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a fuck ugly girl who will do anything to get some attention from anything with a penis.
they usualy add you on websites such as facebook or tagged and say they added you because "your fit"
this then leads on to adding your msn and stripping off for you on webcam in the hope you will like them for who they really are and not just because they showed you there tits.
horny mingers are generly fat, ugly, have one eyebrow or a tash, have a hunchback or are just generly so ugly that no guy who has met them face to face will go near them so they resort to the internet.
Jack: i got some girl to get naked last night on cam

Matt: is she fit?

Jack: i'll send you some printscreens

Matt: arrhhhh shes got a hunchback

Jack: yeahh horny minger :)
by Swave=) October 27, 2009

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