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1 definition by Swank before Skank

to be caused death or injury by someone who has endured much aggravation or provocation up to and finally over the edge. The person executing the Virginia Tech has lost control and is hellbent on destrathroy'ing fools.

Back in the 90s, this person would be said to have gone postal, but now postal has lost its edge and a more contemporary, rugged version must be incorporated.
Carl: pfff, what a worthless day.
Hub: bet your day wasn't as bad as Roger's.
Carl: why? what up with Roger?
Hub: his wife got knocked up by some kid and he Virginia Tech'd the whole family with an air hammer! skull fragments embedded in the fake Rembrandt!
Carl: (laughs so hard coffee comes out his nose) oh snap!!!

or present tense:

STOP TOUCHING ME OR I'LL TELL MOM!!!! She'll go Virginia Tech on your honky butt.
by Swank before Skank May 23, 2008
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