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Irish team based in Glasgow. Founded by bigot, sorry, Fr. Walfrid in an attempt to keep young catholics away from non-catholic soup kitchens,and has had a lasting impact on the division in the west coast society and still exists today. When form they theived off Hibernian from Edinburgh, stealing their players and strips and also any charity money that the team raised, with the threat of violence, and also playing the discrimination card . This long tradition of violence still continues today, but is of portrayed under the guise of 'Juan Ghuy' who seems to get about a bit. The Irish team harboured peadophilles, and the man in charge at the time, Jock Stein, refused to inform the police of the goings on at a Celtic boys club, hence the term Big Jock Knew. Celtic have also invented a new style of calculator, takes an answer and doubles it eg. 2+2=8 But not only does this calculator work like this, it also allows answers to increase in time, so when 2010 arrives, they would have taken 600,000 to ''Shuvulle''
This team is often portrayed in a popular song and Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
BJK BJK BJK BJK, celtic are often portrayed as the victims, yeah right
by Suvulle myth buster September 05, 2006

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