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A conservative public school located in rural West Salem, Ohio. The students are 98% caucasian, 1% african american, .05% pacific islander, and .05% hispanic. The school prides itself in athletics although the football team has only had 2 good seasons in the past 20 years. Agricultural pursuits are highly recommended as this school is affiliated with the FFA and many students like to wear their cowshit kickers to the school. The majority of these students are christian and any student with a different or "alien" faith is looked down upon. The art and music component of the school is also disreguarded as trivial and many artistic students are outcast. Many students are racist and sexist as are a majority of the faculty, although a few good teachers can still be found at this school. If you want to fit in, be white, a conservative republican, christian, and play lots of sports.
Northwestern High School is bordered on three sides by cornfields.
by Surviving Liberal May 16, 2011

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