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1 definition by Supporter of A&F

A nice clothing store which is bashed by many people for being skanky and too expensive. Skanky? Not really, unless you consider the moose logo to be too close to a girl's breast (oh, the horror). Expensive? Yes, but have you ever noticed any designers? Such as Prada, Burberry, or Marc Jacobs? They are all a hell of a lot more expensive but a hell of a lot less bashed. Maybe people wear it to look 'preppy' and 'sexy', but unlike those people, I wear A&F because the quality is nice and I happen to like their style and designs.
Also, you can find $80 sweaters on clearance for $12. Good deal, I'd say.
A&F Hater: Eww, why are you wearing that horrible Abercrombie and Fitch top? It must've been like forty dollars!
A&F shopper: Uh, no, I got it on clearance for ten dollars. But it was originally twenty.
A&F Hater: Oh.
by Supporter of A&F August 09, 2007