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Someone who loves to watch porn with his nephews. Then goes to the bathroom with his HP Laptop for quick wank. Then proceeds to watch hindi movies with his nephews on his bigger (wink) Dell Laptop. Loves to dance in the living room watching hindi songs on youtube. Enjoys eating the "breakfast of champions" (Weetbix). Works out 4 times a week but cant get rid of his man boobs. But does have a great ass. When gets pulled over, automatically starts talking in his thick indian accent to divert the offficers attention. And his auto response when he doesn't have a comeback is "Screw you guys, I'm going home" (in cartman voice)
guy - I love watching porn with my nephews, working out, hindi movies and eating australian food.

girl - dude, you're such a kishan!
by SuperKishan February 25, 2012

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