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4 definitions by SupMikecheck

Playing basketball at a very high level similar to NBA Superstar Dirk Nowitzki. Its when you are just absolutely owning the guy guarding you...Dirkin' Off on his face.

Term Created By www.facebook.com/mikecheckmusic
Coach - "Can anyone step up and cover Nowitzki! hes been Dirkin Off on us the entire game!"
by SupMikecheck September 14, 2011
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A Male's style of dressing when you are expecting to get some action. Wearing sweatpants and or gym shorts or any other type of bottoms to where you make it easier for the gal or yourself to flip out your penis. The opposite of going "Easy Flippinz" would be to wear tight jeans with a belt. This is a term for the Bros to use & what makes this term the best is when the girl is oblivious and just doesnt understand why you and your' bros are always in gym shorts.

Term Created By www.Facebook.com/mikecheckmusic
Bro 1- What are you wearing to the party tonight bro?
Bro 2- Well i know imma go Easy Flippinz idk bout you bro

Girl - Why do you always wear gym shorts around me!
Boyfriend - EASY FLIPPINZ!
Girl - What the eff does that mean!
Boyfriend - *doesnt say anything just gives her the look*
by SupMikecheck September 12, 2011
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To force someone to hang out with you. When you keep asking to hang out with someone and they keep putting it off or making excuses but then you see them somewhere they didn't have a choice to avoid you at.

Term Created By www.facebook.com/mikecheckmusic
Friend - "Hey did you hang out with Danielle yet?"
Me - "No i think i'm going to Hangout Rape her at the Christmas Party on Saturday, she wont have a choice, i know shes gonna be there"

Friend - "All I need is one night with her to show her how cool i am but she never wants to hangout"
Me - "Hey! you should Hangout Rape her at Timmy's Birthday tomorrow"
by SupMikecheck December 19, 2012
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When you stop talking to a person you are used to talking to everyday,can happen after a break up, a fight between two best friends,anything that leaves you to where a phone that the person used to contact you on no longer is ringing. Symptoms may appear that you keep checking your inbox to see if you missed a text they sent your way to apologize,possibly checking for a missed call. but either way suffering from R.P.S will leave it to where this person is on your mind constantly because you begin assuming that person is happy without having you in their life. some R.P.S before symptoms are when the person you talk to frequently starts replying to you telling you that they aren't replying because they are just "Busy" but before you know it they will no longer say they are "Busy" and they'll soon leave you to be sick with Ringless Phone Syndrome

Term Created By www.facebook.com/mikecheckmusic
Friend 1 - "Well shes finally gone man, im going through Ringless Phone Syndrome (R.P.S)"

Friend 2 - "She didnt treat you good anyways man, youll get though it"

Girl 1 - "He wont text me anymore! Like omg! do you think hes happy without me! Ive been waiting three days for him to just apologize"

Girl 2 - "Chill girl! your just going through Ringless Phone Syndrome (R.P.S) , you dont need him even if he does call back"
by SupMikecheck October 26, 2011
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