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The most badass human being around. He will blow your mind and your fantasies away. Just the mere mention of this name will have you quivering between your legs. If Chuck Norris had a twin, Ryan Ramos would have killed that twin and deleted Chuck Norris from history. Irrelevant you say? Ryan Ramos is always relevant. He is intelligent, funny, girls always ask to have his babies (true story bro), and he is commonly equated with everything amazing.
-Professor: "Hello everybody, welcome to The History of the Universe 101, does anybody know the basic law of the universe?"
-Idiot: "No..."
-Professor: "Then you are the product of retarded inbreeding, Ryan Ramos is the basic law. How, you ask? He just is!"
by SupA MastaH September 14, 2011
To cure yourself of a chill through the addition of clothing

Similar to a vaccination, same idea, different cure.
"Brrrr, i'm cold, I need to go to the store to clothinate myself"
by SupA MastaH September 20, 2011

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