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A sunstripe passes out in fields of universities, and is often ginger, but denies so. She/he drinks copious amounts of cheap booze for days on end, and is said to have (if female) an "18 inch black cock", as of current. You will find a Sunstripe lying, crisping like a juicy piece of bacon, sleeping as in angel would, the morning after grand parties. Sunstripes are the best, but no one knows this.... it is actually the greatest, and best-kept secret around. Sunstripes usually reside in Colorado.
Whoa, there's Sunstripe again, frying in the sun!
by Sunstripe-MgGee Connection February 01, 2011
A town in the San Luis Valley that had a salmonella outbreak in their water supply, which caused the town to be renamed. Salmonella+Alamosa=Salamosa.
Ewwww. You seriously go to school in Salamosa?
by Sunstripe-MgGee Connection March 17, 2011

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