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2 definitions by Sunshine Kandi

Kool Aid Smiling. Subtle way to say that something is making you smile so big the whole world can see it. Especially if you've just had the best sex of your life!
Im so glad I hooked up with that guy I met last week! He really laid it down last night! KAS!
by Sunshine Kandi November 08, 2010
19 6
Dick on Demand. Acronym used by military females to describe a guy (military or civilian) that is only good for one He is not someone to date, take home to mom, or build a future with. Using the acronym appropriately will allow females to talk about the man while making it sound work related.
The DOD made me work overtime last night. Thankfully I didn't have to get up early for PT.

Thank goodness for the DOD! I got paid last night!

Im going to have to quit the DOD! Too much drama!
by Sunshine Kandi November 15, 2010
5 8