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4 definitions by Sunny the Armadillo

The forum/screen name for one of my friends, Justin
Skempel makes games and helps delete pics of penis' on the Waterman forums
by Sunny the Armadillo May 27, 2004
7 8
A clone of gleaso5.
Hey guys! I ate a gelaso55!
by Sunny the Armadillo December 28, 2003
0 1
A species of creature, that is also an internet series.
The main Fuzzies include: Ghostie, Fireball, Fairy, Spike and Ninja
by Sunny the Armadillo December 06, 2003
4 17
The Mario Social Board of GameFaqs. It's home to users like Linking12, Sunny the Armadillo, Gleaso, Marono, Blinkandcandy, Mario99, Flamecube, Icemonkeypro, Hermitua, Darkfusion, Gigagigagigabowser, Fastfido, Pheduik, BRJ, ZB3000, Crocomire, and many many others.
Did you hear that the MSB is gonna survive?
by Sunny the Armadillo December 29, 2003
4 20