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12 definitions by Sundance Kid

Alternative when you've used the word Faggot too much
That guy has his belly button pierced, what a faggola
by Sundance Kid January 22, 2007
After copy and pasting a Urban Dictionary definition onto a forum, this phrase is usually added at the end to give recognition to Urban Dictionary for your findings.
Bump 104 up, 32 down

In message board terms, to reply to a topic that has become inactive, thus "bumping" the thread to the top of the thread list

Thank you Urban Dictionary
by Sundance Kid August 08, 2007
Like big-time faggot
Get out of my thread, fagg0l!
by Sundance Kid February 09, 2007
North Houston rap label. Name derives from Swisher Streets and Acres Homes, two locations where many Big-time Houston rappers hail from
'Diamonds in our mouth, Jammin' on this Swishahouse'
by Sundance Kid May 19, 2007
It is the most common comeback against a Yo Mama joke. Used in an emergency when one can't think of anything to say. Using it automatically results in Fail for being such a lulzkiller. Please note that this is NOT the ultimate comeback
Bob: Btw, can you get my wallet for me? I left it on your mom's dresser.
Drew: My mom is dead
Bob: That explains why she wasn't screaming so much
by Sundance Kid September 06, 2007
A fag that is not only a queer, but a stupid queer
Nice haircut, Fagalag
by Sundance Kid February 09, 2007
Pronounced: Fag-eye
Plural form of Fag, Fagola, Faggot and Fagatron
That store smells of Faggi
by Sundance Kid January 22, 2007