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Someone of below/average intelligence who does poorly in school, can't argue without hitting or yelling at someone, and refers to the "straw man argument" too much. They try to put a lot of thought into comebacks or their own opinions on things that do not need intellectual flexing, and then speed their voice up to make it sound like they're saying it with ease, but they really can't even understand what they're saying. The Pseudo-Intellectual evolves by the person mentioned "waking up" after watching a documentary, reading a book, etc. Half of the "intelligent" things they say are quoted, and they WILL ignore you if you mention it. They also try to aim at family members the most, trying to show that everyone in the family is stupid except him/her. The common Pseudo-Intellectual can be found on political forums like Zeitgeist, who plan on changing the world, but hardly do anything other than sitting on their computers planning. Their ego-centrist attitude may also come from the family holding the person the highest.
George: Why is Damian bringing up Kusunoki Masashige in this discussion about school?

Mary: I'm pretty sure his memory stems back to the latest thread of a political forum, and he's trying to impress us with something he's only going to remember temporarily.

George: Everyone thinks he's intelligent, but in reality he's a pseudo-intellectual.
by Sumone Whoknows Alotofstuff November 24, 2010

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