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1. n. a drug dealer of any kind, but most commonly used to refer to a marijuana dealer. On the southside of Atlanta "pitcher" refers specifically to an exstacy dealer

2. n. a pitcher of beer.

3. The person on the giving end in any sexual act, most commonly refers to the giver of gay anal sex
1. I just caught a sack from that pitcher on the corner.

2. Lets order another pitcher or two and get shit faced.

3. Sure Joe's gay but at least he's always the pitcher.
#dealer #slinger #trapster #fireman #d boy #pusher #x man #beanie boy
by Sugar J December 26, 2005
adj. used to describe the greatness of an item, event or substance
often in reference to extremely potent marijuana or "diggity dank," although it may stand alone in reference to potent marijuana
1. this bud is the fuckin diggity dude.
2. lets get a bag of that diggity dank.
3. man that band is the bomb-diggity (outdated usage), -hearing this usage of "diggity" should prompt a swift backhand to the face of the user-
#fire #fire-ass bud #dank #a #b
by Sugar J January 04, 2006
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