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A gritty crust punk band from Nazareth, PA. Although included in the Lo-Cash family of music, the band was distinctively separate from the Crack Rock Steady Seven and did not originate from C-Squat. The band utlizied piercing, fast metal and punk riffs with a fast combination of screaming, clean vocals, and borderline rapping. Producing only one full length CD, "Run Your Pockets", the band also did a 7" split with Team Spider, "Summertime in the City." Unfortunately the band has since broken up and little is known what proejcts (if any) the members are working on.
Too bad No Cash broke up, it would have been nice to see them live.
by Suburban Riot September 02, 2005
"In-DK" or stated aloud as "In Decay." Another crust punk band involving Ezra from the Crack Rock Steady Seven and included in the Lo-Cash family of music and originating from C Squat in NYC's Lower East Side. The band was short lived and only produced one LP besides their 7 song demo. There is presently a lengthy description of why the band broke up on Morning Glory's website (www.mglory.org), but in short it was mostly due to communication issues and creative differences. Like Morning Glory, INDK's music mixed fast punk styles with catchy ska strumming and clean vocals.
It's a shame that Ezra's other band, INDK, didn't work out too well. At least they still made some awesome music.
by Suburban Riot September 02, 2005
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