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Combing the root words of vegan and anorexia, a vegorexia is the contemporary bluff to avoid criticism for an unaddressed eating disorder. Vegorexics will not only abide by the philisophical tenants of veganism, but will also avoid eating any form of fat, sugar or carb that secretly repulses them. The more identifiable traits of anorexia (a general disgust for food; a preoccupation with personal wieght; stressed secrecy of eating/excercising) are less prominent, and instead are replaced by excessive emotional argument about the health benefits of foods, rule-making on the sourcing of foods (organic, sustainable, shade-grown, native/co-op sourced, etc.) and a repetive eating habit (the precise same products purchased during every shopping expedition).
Manchego's friends were starting to suspect he was suffering from vegorexia because he had eaten nothing but plain toast with nutritional yeast and soymilk lattes for eight days running.
by Subspace Eddy May 24, 2005
Definition one: The particular facial expression of someone (almost always a blonde male) looking guileless and fetching in the matter of Corey Haim, a teen star of the 1980's. To have Haim'd correctly, the mouth must be slightly open with the end of the tongue exposed, and the eyebrows raised. (see the movies "The Lost Boys" and "Dream a Little Dream")

Definition two: to go on a ketamine and valium bender for weeks to years at a time.
Def one: Oh my god, that guy over at the bar just totally Haim'd at me!

Def two: Sorry I didn't return your call, I sorta Haim'd out for a couple of months there.
by Subspace Eddy May 24, 2005
The emphatic expression of feelings due to intoxication.
Gal: I went all feelins blableeblins on him last night.

Pal: Oh no!

Gal: Yeah, I told him he was the Master to my Blaster and I couldn't rule the Thunderdome without him.
by Subspace Eddy May 24, 2005
An onoponopaeic word for vomiting.
Don't look now, but I think your girlfriend just bjorked in your back seat.
by Subspace Eddy May 26, 2005
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