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Hell in the Internet form. A place where people go to post pointless character polls, stories about their uninteresting lives, song lyrics, emo poems, argue about overrated games, emote stupidities, and generally be an all around idiot. Half of the users there don’t even understand the function of the shift key. The few people that are actually sane, original, and witty are always silenced by the power-hungry moderators.

The GameFAQs message boards brainwash their users with some crazy pretend currency system called "Karma" and "Marked Message Accuracy" (MMA). It’s a shame that people can be so easily tricked by imaginary suck-up points.
“Reading the GameFAQs message boards makes me cry.”

“GameFAQs message boards? More like LameFAQs message boards. olololol!
by Sub Tank November 10, 2004

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