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another term for the use of "SQUID" OR A young motorcyclist who overestimates his abilities, boasts of his riding skills when in reality he has none. Squid bikes are usually decorated with chrome and various anodized bits. Rear tyres are too wide for their own good, swingarm extended. Really slow in the corners, and sudden bursts of acceleration when a straight appears. Squids wear no protection, deeming themselves invincible. This fact compounds intself with the fact that they engage in 'extreem riding'--performing wheelies and stoppies in public areas. Squids wreck alot. Derived from 'squirly kid'


but BIBO is a rider who is from toronto and bosted about running from the cops and being stupid on his 2003 Honda CBR 600RR wearing a "CATCH ME" sticker on the back of his helmet and he was caught TWICE

so now BIBO is reffering to a squidly act...
joe: "i just ran from the cops on my bike"
shmoe: "ok so you pulled a bibo arn't you dumb"

"What a Bibo!"
"Man he sure pulled a Bibo on that one!"
"Quit acting like a Bibo"
by Stuntacat yzf October 10, 2006

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