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A handsome, dark haired Latin male with deep brown eyes. Athletic build, average height, tan with curly or straight hair depending on the length and time of year. There are many Luis's in the World, many originate from Spain, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, and other parts of the Latin America. However, when you find a Luis Vite, you know you have found the ONE: the RAREST Luis there is. You know you have found the right Luis Vite, when you internalize his sweet, romantic, and gentle yet fierce personality; when you feel a personality that is unique to all, but very mysterious and attractive at the same time, and you get a feeling of security and reassurance; when you feel his presence no matter where you are; when not seeing him for a couple of days seems like weeks; when you realize the emotional strength and magnetic force he possesses; when you see him with a beautiful blonde, with a perfect body and warm personality that would put any other girl to shame; when you feel loved you have found the one...Luis Vite.
Theresa: Guess what!! I was at a party last week, and I met the most amazing guy. He had black hair, spoke Spanish, which I dont really speak, but understand. He was very nice and super sexy! He was so different than most of the guys I met; I felt something special about him.

Anne: Really? Thats awesome, but be careful he could be just like every other guy! Watch out.

Theresa: I know. I am going to be careful, but there's something about him. SERIOUSLY. I don't know how to describe it.

Anne:OMG! from the way you are describing him, your tone of voice, your elated emotions, and seriousness, I think you should continue seeing him. You could have found...omg...no way...Luis Vite.
by StudMaster April 29, 2010

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