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the pro wrestler, The Rock's favorite kind of pie.
Rock - "I like pie...especially POONTANG PIE!"
by stu bawden July 16, 2006
A kids show about a penguin made of clay, who gets smacked around by his parents and beats the shit outa his friends by chucking showballs at their clay faces.
He commonly uses the phrase "Meep, meep"
"Pengu got into a snowball fight with the neighbourhood seals and he whooped their asses."
by Stu Bawden March 15, 2005
1) A short person known for being good in bed.
2) A mythological creature who is a close cousin of the average munchkin that can arouse people with its super-sexual powers. Known for banging ogres. =)
1) Alyssa is a sex munchkin.
2) I was attacked by a sex munchkin last night...IT WAS AWSOME!
by Stu Bawden March 25, 2005
Like a brachen shnaut, but only occures when a münchqin or munchkin gets up in the middle of the night and bangs its head off it's bed-side table to cause a brachen shnaut.
"Alyssa has a brachen münchqin shnaut!"
by Stu Bawden March 31, 2005
If you break your nose in german it's called a brachen shnaut or broken snout in english.
"I beat that nazi sonofabitch down with a bat and gave him a brachen shnaut!"
by Stu Bawden March 31, 2005
Another word for ultimate or Ultimacy.
Hoon is possibly the greatest Asian in the world.
"Wow. That dude is the Hoon guitar player."
by Stu Bawden March 15, 2005
A girl who's PMSing due to her period.
"Dude, I wnet to bang my girlfriend and she started bitching at me. She's so angry munchkin!"
by Stu Bawden March 30, 2005
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