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To pimp slap, or use other means, to put a hoe in "her place" if they playin' up.
Kenny G: Yo, man, is that one of your ho's right there?

Shaggy J: Yeah man, god damnit she always playin' up.

Kenny G: Whatcha' gonna do?

Shaggy J: Serve some Pimpin' Justice.
by Strider X January 22, 2007
A phrase used when someone thinks another person is being stingy or unfair.
Jimmy: Hey man, can I burrow two bucks for the bus?

Alex: Nup

Jimmy: Don't be dog!
by Strider X January 22, 2007
Ass hole Radio presenter, who enjoys to telling people with emotion problems and disorders ( unemployed, alcoholics) that they are horrible, and they should "upper cut themselves". Had a tumor, he survived, oh well, maybe some other day.

Used when someone is telling you to get over things that you feel very fragile and emotional about and you're sick of it.
James: My girlfriend just dumped me, I feel horrible.

Rick: Get over it.

James: Stop Stan Zemaneking me!
by Strider X January 23, 2007

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