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1. The orifice generally located around the pelvis, where shit exits, into a toilet, in a bag, or on somebody's face or mouth. Contrary to popular belief, the asshole is not only for excreting wastes, but seems to be a popular location for the insertion and concealment of drugs. Also where girls and boys alike can stick another man or woman's penis into.

2. A person who's sole existence is based on the action of shitting on everything, and in result making everything they do, touch, or interact with in any way generally very shitty.
1. Sorry, my asshole is exit only.

2. "But...that's where I poop."
"Baby, not right now it isn't."

3. "Hey gu--"
"Shut the fuck up Steve, you're a fucking asshole."
by Stranger With Candy March 16, 2007

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