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Slang synonym for Stupid, Lame or Uncool, popular with Teens and people in their early 20s. Not ment in a derogatory way towards homosexuals.
Person 1 : "Hey that homosexual guy over there took offence to me using the word gay as a slang term for stupid"

Person 2 : "Wow that was really gay of them. Don't they know that it started out as another term for happy?"

Person 1 : "Probably, but they were too busy trying to make themselves feel like a victim because homosexuals on the whole are generally accepted in society these days and the overly sensitive ones are having less and less to winge about."

Person 2: "That's too bad, It's highly sensitive people like this, hanging onto an old term that make it hard for the rest of homosexual people to move on and forget about the old ignorant days."
by Straight man with a plan October 16, 2010
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